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Perimenopause? Pre/Diabetes?

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.... release stubborn weight, remove subconscious blocks, take 10 years off how you look and feel!

Hormone issues, perimenopause symptoms, stress fat, and struggle love will become a thing of your past once we reprogram YOU!

PLAY with NEW energy & systems in the playshop… starting TODAY, you’ll receive:

•Inner Healing

Let go, clear space, heal, & release energetic blocks and self-sabotages stopping the flow of health, love, and even money you’re worthy of! Reprogram your subconscious mind & release lack energy out of your consciousness permanently.

•New Aligned Clarity

Shift into your new Rich Dream Girl Energy who has the energetic capacity to receive the love, the princess treatment, the health, the body, the money, the dream businesses, and God-aligned purposes. Your desires are there for a reason! 

•New Aligned Systems

Take aligned action as I reveal my easy science-based strategies around weight loss, hormones, gut health, reshaping the mom bod,  and turning you into a fat-burning anti-aging machine… without obsessing about diets or exhausting workout plans. Yes! …it’s not too late to get your sexy back mama!  

•Magnetic Activations

Shorten timelines to receive your heart's desires. Unlock potent audio activations that literally magnetize you to the body, the love, and the businesses you are worthy to receive with ease. People will be obsessed by your energy 

and want to pay you for being YOU!

You also get videos/audios on:

  • 90 Day weight loss & new body creation challenge

  • My rich girl morning routine

  • Amplifying expensive feminine energy

  • Learning about re-shaping your body (especially after babies), hormones, & gut health

  • Healing love blocks most high-achieving women have and are totally unaware

  • Healing toxic relationships: with time, your body, eating patterns, others, and yourself

  • Inner child healing

  • Become the most magnetic woman in any room you walk into

  • Heal people pleasing & “nice girl syndrome” for good!

  • Intermittent fasting schedules, fat burning anti-aging foods/herbs, supplements, and easy to follow steps for your unique goals.
  • Unlock Meditations, affirmations, magnetic activations, scripting prompts, energetic vision boarding…You’ll become a health, love, & money magnet!

After working with thousands of people I’ve really discovered…

You can have all the goals & desires you want but until you heal, increase your capacity to receive, and improve your systems, you’ll subconsciously keep pushing it all away…. Your health, the love you deserve, the money meant for YOU, the fulfilled life!

Affirm: Yes… I get to have it all… and without the stress! 

What energy are you embodied in and giving off? That’s why you keep having the same patterns with your health, money, & love life. 

Affirm: The more I play, the more money I make. 

It’s not too good to be true! Everything in your current reality is simply mirroring back to you the energy inside of YOU…. No more settling for scraps sis.
Heal & upgrade.

Will you give yourself permission to invest into YOU? To start aging in reverse. Boost your energy, mood, and fat-burning metabolism. To release stress & lack energy out of your body for good. Emotional eating will become a thing of your past.

You aren't just shedding excess fat... you're releasing old emotional weight your body’s been holding onto as a form of self-protection.

You’re becoming more magnetic to your desires instead of subconsciously repelling them.

Affirm: My healthy sacred body, expensive energy, fat bank accounts, Divine romantic love life, & playful mood are MY new normal. (Period)

What has this cost you already? Financially? With your health? With your confidence? With your romantic love life? With your dream businesses? You deserve your new era.

Your hormones, nervous system, energy, & love life cannot handle anymore stress sis… embrace your new high value wildly attractive era where people are magnetized to your expensive rich girl energy! It’s your time to shift into your new identity where you’re DAILY aligned with your God-given purpose and get paid moreeee just for being you!

Mastering both the energetics & systems for your day-to-day…
Regardless of the stress you’ve been through… is MY secret sauce for the women who want it all…

See YOU on the other side beautiful

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